Do you want to hire a personal trainer

Do you want to hire a personal trainer

Since the outbreak of SARS last year, personal education has become a more and more fashionable topic, and has been bombarded in turn by major media.

So what about personal education?

How much can they help us improve our fitness?

Specialists in the editorial department of “Excellent” have always considered exercise to be their own business. They don’t like Xiaobao of personal education and super sports, and the couch potato mini egg tart that lacks sports cells is out of the box, to personally explore the truth of personal education.

So, if you still ca n’t decide whether you want to ask for personal education in the future, please see: Personal experience of personal education: Mini egg tart Occupation: Advertising company copy age: 28 Fitness test evaluation: 70 points Coach guidance: Li XinTime Magazine lists “personal coaching” as one of the 20 most popular professions in the world.

Regardless of how fashionable “personal education” is today, mini egg tarts care about whether they hated sports since childhood and are super deficient in sports cells (at school, sports are always on the verge of failing). Can people like egg tarts be able toStaying fit?

Also, can you take off the fleshy “life buoy” on the tart belly through fitness?

The first time I went to the gym and saw so many people sweating and exercising, the egg tart felt incredible. If there was time, the egg tart would rather rely on watching a DVD on the sofa, why make yourself so hard?

The scenery in the gym is good, some are handsome and beautiful, and the egg tarts don’t understand: do they need to practice so well?

The egg tart coach Li Xin is definitely a handsome guy. What envyes the egg tart most is his skin, which can be described by advertising words: fair and delicate, blown and broken.

Egg tarts rushed to discuss the experience with the handsome guy. It turned out that it was all thanks to long-term fitness, which definitely helped the skin greatly!

First perform a fitness test, including body composition analysis, micro analysis, moisture analysis, etc.

As soon as the analysis report came out, the egg tarts were anxious to see the weight. Fortunately, there was no increase!

The tart was relieved.

  However, Li Xin did not feel so optimistic. The health evaluation of the egg tart was 70 points, which should be considered low. According to the evaluation, the egg tart was in a sub-health state. Li Xin reminded the egg tart that he should be aware.

Although the egg tarts are not overweight, they have a high body fat percentage and a slight abdomen ratio that even competes with some real fat people!

Therefore, fat reduction must be on the agenda.

Li Xin especially highlighted the difference between the concept of fat loss and weight loss for egg tarts. Many women only care about weight, rely on dieting to lose weight, and do not know the trace content in the body. Therefore, in addition to causing weight rebound, it will also affect physical fitness. Therefore,If you want to really lose weight, you should pay attention to losing fat instead of losing weight.

In the second lesson, Li Xin designed several exercise programs for egg tarts.

To be honest, before going to the gym, the egg tart was really reluctant, always worried about being tired and half dead, or difficult to stick to it, but for the dear reader, the egg tart decided to cut it out!

  Unexpectedly, Li Xin has considered that the foundation of the egg tart is too poor, and the intensity of the training has been appropriately adjusted.

Of course, I will still feel very tired, but under the handsome “electric eye” of Li Shuai, the egg tart was not too lazy, and once again realized what the name is: male and female match, work is not tired.

  Personal education suggests that according to the assessment, the member’s physical fitness is inferior and he is relatively tired.

In addition to paying attention to rest, pay more attention to physical exercise and change bad habits.

I insist on going to the gym for training about three times a week. Usually, I should also do aerobics in the office, such as: skipping ropes, squats and so on.

The physical test revealed that the member’s hypotension was low. Therefore, her constitution is of the type of intolerance of hunger. If she loses weight by dieting, she will sweat and even faint. Therefore, she must not lose weight by dieting.

In diet, you should pay attention to eating less and eating more.

  About personal education experience people: Xiaobao Occupation: Military Finance Working age: 35 fitness test evaluation: 88 points coach guidance: Zhang Dongbo talked about personal education to tell you some fun.

  A girl among Gorilla’s friends recently accidentally talked about the fact that she hired a personal trainer in a gym, and immediately attracted many male golfers to attack.

Xiaobao bears the brunt of it, with a look of disdain: “Gorilla, there is one in our class. I ran a hundred meters and I dropped him 7 meters. When I sprinted four hundred meters, he hadn’t turned the corner yet!”

Later, he lifted the barbell every day and went to the swimming pool after training, but never got into the water. The gorilla circled around the pool endlessly, just to show the pieces of meat on his body.

“The little girl was so angry.

When I came home, I talked about the egg tart. The egg tart said that I happened to have interviewed two private teachers today. I still have to experience it in two days. The young man is very mental, with muscular muscles, and he is very healthy.

Looking at the egg tart’s envious look, how did Xiaobao feel unhappy.

  Really, after a few days, Xiaobao and egg tarts arrived at the Blue Bird Gym, listening absently to the coach ‘s commentary, gradually, Xiaobao started to be a bit surprised. The coach gave some knowledge about physical fitness, health, what inorganic salts,The carbohydrate compound sounded good. Xiaobao ‘s head was a bit big. I did n’t expect it to be that level. Finally, the coach explicitly told Xiaobao: “Every time you play badminton, the amount of exercise is a bit too large, which is bad for your health.

Xiaobao thought about it carefully, but not every time when he played badminton, he was desperately desperately fighting. As a result, he felt a bit dull for two or three days after playing.

A week later, Xiaobao started the second experience. First, he was preparing for the activity. After a few minutes, his body was slightly warm and very comfortable.

Then I started the equipment training, thanks to the coach, otherwise Xiaobao really did n’t know how to use these iron guys. The coach explained the essentials of each action for Xiaobao in detail. Attention, it seems that there are some questionsAfter each device is done, a corresponding relaxation action must be done.Any chance of learning, Xiaobao will not easily let go, and put away her arrogance, Xiaobao began to actively communicate with the coach. In response to the playing situation, the coach told Xiaobao which part of the muscles should be strengthened and how to exercise.Using some equipment, etc., finally told Xiaobao some knowledge about healthy eating, great gains!

In response to the cervical spine problem that Xiaobao is most concerned about, the coach specially taught some methods of cervical spine exercise, which made Xiaobao, who often sits in the office, benefited a lot.

  The refugees had a good harvest and were in a good mood, but unfortunately, the egg tarts were stirred up within a few minutes. The egg tarts told Xiaobao that when she watched Xiaobao’s equipment, her body trembled.What do you think, but if you look at the coach again, there are at least one and a half thick Xiaobao, how do you think that Xiaobao’s statue has fallen.

Xiaobao heard the anger in her heart. It was strange. The more I thought about it, the more I felt like it. Xiaobao thought angrily: What happened to the refugees, the refugees don’t need your relief, you are sorry!

  After learning to use the secret to make up his mind, Xiaobao got a fitness card and started to exercise. He didn’t expect to practice it once, and then he completed half of the tennis elbow of Xiaobao. Xiaobao usually played badminton.The power is not right, and the game is played more severely. Over the long term, the elbow muscles are overworked.

See a doctor and say, “Tennis elbow!

Asked: “How to rule.

“Answer:” Take a break.

“That’s not okay. It’s fun to play while you’re alive. Come on, bear with me!

I did not expect that the training equipment would work quite well. Using the knowledge I just learned from personal training, it is estimated that the original tennis elbow may be due to long-term fatigue of local muscles and cannot be relaxed. Through the exercise of the equipment, all the muscles of the forearm are balancedExercise, correspondingly reduces the fatigue of local muscles.

It will last for two weeks from now on. The ball is still playing, but the tennis elbow is much better.


After a while it was estimated that I could also be a private teacher, specializing in tennis elbow, charging 500 yuan per hour.

  Personal education suggests that because he insists on playing badminton, this member has a good overall physical fitness.

However, badminton is a kind of endurance training, so his muscle strength is a bit poor, and his entire body is thinner.

It is recommended that he change the time of playing badminton each time, not to make the body too tired.

In addition, he should carry out some training in the gym, and exercise a position that is usually difficult to reach. In addition to helping the body shape, it is also beneficial to further improving the physical fitness.

Unlike most people, this member needs to gain weight, so in the diet, he needs to add meals, and in the afternoon or evening, eat some protein-rich foods.

And pay attention to vitamin supplements.

  How to choose a personal trainer?

There are many details to pay attention to during exercise. Note: posture, strength, amount of exercise, breathing method, etc. If there is no personal training, the exercise effect may be greatly reduced.

  When asking for personal education, you can ask your friends and ask about the coach’s reputation.

Of course, you can also observe while the coach is serving others.

During exercise, communication is very important. Some coaches are humorous, and some coaches are calm and generous. If you are introverted, I suggest you choose a lively coach.

It is also important that you check his professional qualifications.

At present, some high-level private teachers in Beijing have qualifications recognized in North America or Asia, such as: ACE, ISSA, ACSM, ABBF, etc.