Never say irresponsible to your child

Never say “irresponsible” to your child

Last weekend, the five-year-old Yangyang and her mother were playing with building blocks in the living room. Yangyang was using the building blocks to build a high tower. When mom watched that it was almost time to cook, she reminded Yangyang, “Yangyang, mother is going to cook.After a while, you build the blocks yourself, go to the book for a while, and wait for your mother to play with you after cooking.
“Yangyang was having a good time. After hearing what Mom said, she yelled,” No, Mom wants to play with me. ”
“” Mom is going to cook, aren’t you going to eat? ”
“”That’s not OK!
“Yangyang said, and began to cry.
My mother was also angry. “I told you not to play with you after cooking, how can you not understand?
Cry, cry, you cry, you cry hard!
“Mum said, and went away humming.
Sitting on the floor and crying loudly.
The mother just couldn’t figure it out, how could this child not understand the words of an adult?
Why are you crying more and more?
  Expert analysis: Is Yangyang Yang incomprehensible to her mother?
Yangyang must have understood what mother said “going to cook,” but then mother saw Yangyang insisting on playing with her and crying, and then mother said, “Cry, you work hardCry!
“Yangyang didn’t understand this sentence, because Yangyang sat on the ground crying after her mother finished speaking.
  I remember I heard an example from a primary school principal: the bell rang and three first-year boys ran back to the classroom sweating, “Report!
“The three children stood at the class door and shouted to the teacher.
You are still coming back, just go play later, don’t rush back!
“After the three boys listened, they turned and ran out.
“come back!
“The teacher couldn’t laugh or cry.
Later, the principal helped the teacher analyze that the joke was made not by the three boys, but because the teacher did not understand the characteristics of the first-grade children.
This teacher used to teach higher grades, and students who were “irresponsible” could hear them. When the lower grades were taught again, because the child’s language comprehension skills were not yet mature, and the children did not understand the teacher’s irony, they made such jokes.
  Yangyang’s mother also made a similar mistake and did not understand the age characteristics of the child.
Children of this age cannot understand the rhetorical tone, so they must use positive encouragement to strengthen their correct behavior, and it is not suitable to educate children in a negative way.