Nourishing Jiapin: lotus root has many therapeutic effects

Nourishing Jiapin: lotus root has many therapeutic effects

If you have a cold and sore throat, rinse your mouth with egg sauce and egg.

The method is to peel and wash the lotus root, mash the extended lotus root juice, stir with egg white (you can use the replacement egg white every time), and you can use mouthwash.

  Bronchitis, when cough does not stop, can be used as a substitute for loquat juice.

Loquat skin also has medicinal effects, so there is no need to remove it. Wash the loquat to get juice.

Scallion juice also has a good effect on those who have bloodshot sputum in the morning and hoarse voice at night.

  When you have a fever and severe thirst, you can mix it with fresh coriander juice to reduce fever and relieve thirst.

Add pear juice for better results.

Pouring lotus root together with soaked rice has the same effect.

  Mixing 藕 juice with ginger juice or adding 藕 juice for boiling water exchange, 1 small cup 2 times a day, can quickly relieve the fatigue caused by drunkenness.

  Menopausal women have irregular menstruation, irregular bleeding or emotional instability. When they are restless, they can take crickets into juice or add any salt.