”Young Marshal, the recent data that the two were already on your desk.”

  ”Withdraw it.”
  The room was silent attributed.
  ”Young Marshal, to see Miss Wan Jun, the way may not know she was your fiancee two among a.
  And a position corresponding to the concubine.”
  Concubine, concubine in general, is revered concubine Di Xiaren.
  Location Huo family little lady, someone else.
  Su Huo family and then, two junior laid down, is that a marriage.
  Su can two sisters are through, to know where this thing.
  Huo said Su pull down only the king’s fiancee Marsh北京夜网al.
  Close the imitation data Huo, off his glasses, eye calm waves, at a point just pull the pull resultant smile, already invisible escape death.
  ”She did not need to receive special attention Huo family.”
  These two materials, one on Su Wan Jun, the other on another fake fiancee Huo, Zhang Wan-city parents room eldest chapter of Morning Glory.
  Information on Miss chapter, since two years ago, a month before delivery to a case of imitation Hall.
  She herself did not know, but in fact, marriage at that time began to develop, the Huo family lived under strict surveillance, no at all **.
  ”Young Marshal, Laonu Yilaomailao say, this lady chapter, it is worthy to be called little lady Huo family.”
  This point was really overstepped housekeeper, but Howard was just floating an imitation.
  ”I know.”
  Zhang Suhua, was born in the city of Wan Triumph, family of many brothers held senior positions in the army and government.
  Talented people.

  ”Painted about to find their own medicine, there is no need your help.”Yang Chun re-focus on the pan, no longer ignore the South Yu Fei.

  Fei Yu Nan over his eyes, bowed his eye away from the kitchen.
  Waiting for her down again, and Lin Zhang Jiao sweet all back, but also help set the table up.
  Nan Yu Fei left cheek and the corner of a piece of red, they asked to see a bit.
  But she dealt with in the past are vague and do not want to explain so much.
  Loving hut situation has been very clear, three men of South Fei Yu no interest, and the two girls heart and think, just next to the boys tired of his heart, so is always a solitary south Fei Yu.

Chapter 152
  Nan Fei Yu see those vegetables have no appetite, and so they had finished, they help clea南宁桑拿n up a bit.
  After dinner, the team arranged for them to go to the room, you can learn more about today between the six men and women, including their occupation and age.
  Nan Fei Yu whole absent-minded, age, what kind of job she already cooked in the heart of the people present.
  Yang Chun got places to study abroad at public expense, to come back after major financial companies rushing to weeks of pure and friends set up a game company, the development is also good, typical overbearing president, embarked on the road if the road model of alcohol, in the international arena fashion week has a place.
  Lin Jiao returnees, also opened his own Internet company, beauty CEO, Zhang is a sweet dessert division, he opened a small shop.
  That evening, the South is still zero votes Fei Yu, Zhang sweet after receiving two votes, he glanced toward her nothing happened, then a smile back on the bed.
  Nan Fei Yu: “.”
  No wonder the original owners will not stand drop out, if she was a little weak psychological again, she wants stormed out of the.
  None were really sad.

  Pull pull pleased looked up, a handsome face expressionless eye.

  White, amber eyes, black hair.
  A split, pull pull through years with杭州夜网论坛out the brains, slowly began to turn up.
  Marshal grams of her, he was all right, then, according to this logic continues, there is only one really want.
  Daniel heart was shocked, instinctively bowed his head.
  Her years in the House, is seen.
  Miss Bai Marshal who intentionally to hit, hit the opinions are not directly carry Marshal guards opened.
  Later Marshal Patrick Butler foot messenger ban for six months.
  Who did plead with.
  Poor Daniel then saw them miss home a small fist waving pink and tender, like a baby, like Marshal tall chest to gently tease a little.
  She looked even this outsider felt a deep sense of this being not tell Road is unknown, but real ambiguity.
  Especially under Marshal Shining eyes.
  That should not be a feeling between Marshal and miss, but should be the only affection between a pair of interoperability has long been a lover some action.
  Wan Wan looked up at the Young Marshal, Marshal looked at her.
  One of the others could not get into inexplicable feeling between the two.
  Pull a pull and then glanced Marshal, his amber eyes seemed to be furious.
  Pull pull forget themselves in front of Marshal long been opened weak disguise.
  Xiang loaded shyly looked down, tender and soft voice, as if he is a harmless little white flowers, “I’m sorry Marshal, did not hit you it hurts.”
  Daniel mouth twitching.
  Miss nice play their home.

  Rou Jiang endured the urge to want to breathe, ruthless floor a little face: “Give you a suggestion.”

  Qin Wat heart jump: “Three brothers and sisters but said nothing wrong.”
  Jiang Rou brought back corners of the mouth: “Leave Qingzhou City, his aging mother to take you away from your brother leave Qingzhou Cheng Qin, then bring your wife or son together, never to return, I allow you to ward away everything!”
  ”impossible!”Qin Wat flatly refused.
  Jiang Rou deepen lips smile: “I only put people to dispose of younger brother.”
  Apart from other than murder, this is the ginger Rou can think of another way the surest.
  Qin Wat into Ascension, Qin has been completely pivoted counsels.
  He pulled the chirp cry Qin Wat sleeve: “Brother, let’s go, let’s go along with your mother.”
  Under the pit, but also silence.
  In this silence, make a day feel Hatano out the door, feeling hungry, let him face gloomy poor, as somersault foraging beasts, who arrest who bite!
  ”it is good!We left Qingzhou!”Qin Wat eye pupil contraction suddenly, une南宁夜网xpectedly quickly changed his tune.
  Rou Jiang silent, complex eyes look to Hatano.
  Big brother, big brother is indeed!
  Author has to say: more first, then the second code more.
  Together late to catch insects.

  Dilapidated temple, only two of them, here too, it is exactly the same.

  This is the second time the Marshal pull pull body completely into the arms.
  The first was caught after her break up tank.
  Floating, such as a butterfly flap falling into his arms, he can only be wrapped.
  This man obviously was, but also before and after about five days, as if shielding between the senses, and now forced open, flooded into the ground while pressing her body feeling faint trace strands.
  Through that dayShaking flames, Huo had inadvertently simulation case, the eye were written, and makes the red apron describe the Mu coherent and smooth c苏州夜网urves.
  Rocking curve in the fire, knowing that will not move, but in a graceful arc flashed the young man’s eye.
  Today, the interpretation of this road curves owner flew into his arms.
  With innocent eyes looked at him.
  Pull harness that was not what the innocent eyes.
  Clearly stared attempt to call each other to see her majesty.
  Pull and pull Zhesi counseling and cross, the cross-referred counseling counseling horizontal.
  Own obviously hit the others, but fortunately people carefully Lanzhu she did not let her fall into the snow.
  She did not, she felt the other side is wrong.
  Who he did not voice suddenly came out of the corner.
  Ok?At first glance, the other side is higher than her, than her strong.
  Simply arrogant.
  Pull pull the holders of the effort, relying on brute force a fist severely hit on the other side of the chest, keeping him collapsed to the ground.
  Ideal is full, the reality is not garbage thin.

  ”How long is it right away?”

  ”You first obediently lay close your eyes, and so my mother told you, ‘immediately’ arrived.”
  ”Well, you hurry up, otherwise you fell asleep in respect of Han Han.”
  ”Er er, good.”
  Hang up the phone, LI Xia Ke apologetic look to the Yoga Pro, said: “Ke producer, I’m sorry, too late today, my child have to let me go back with him, or not sleep.”
  Pro Ke Yu nodded, “I’m sorry to say that I, making for even a few hours did not eat the meal.”
  ”Ke producer, okay, nice to meet you.”
  ”Me too, it does not keep you any longer, go back early with the kids now.”
  After much talking together two out of the box, the LI Xia Ke Yu Pro has been sent to the garage, looked at her car, ha北京夜网d just turned around to find his car.
  This restaurant Lili Xia lived not far from the hotel, just ten minutes drive away, soon to.
  LI Xia has been accompanied clamor to let sleeping Han Han, the moment had fallen asleep, tucked her for the little guy, kissed his forehead, then go wash up.
  Han Han very regular schedule, even sleep at night than usual last night for an hour, also on time at seven half awake, but very sensible Han Han, see my mother was still asleep, he did not worry about him, go directly to the Zhang Yi wear their own clothes to help you wash.
  LI Xia and so when he woke up already half past nine.
  After washing out to see Han Han She obediently sat on the living room playing with remote control cars stall, Rong Wei is next to accompany him.
  LI Xia Rong Wei met, courtesy of a greeting, said: “Miss Cheng, you need to call it breakfast?”
  LI Xia shook his head, “No, yes, Zhang Yi of it?”
  ”Han Han want to eat mango, Zhang Yi go to the supermarket to buy.”
  Remote control car is to buy a new, Han Han also not operating, the operation lever car is always running around, he studied for a while found the car would not listen to his command, put the remote control thrown aside, pull over her mother’s clothes, looked up to say good morning.
  LI Xia Han Han scrape a bit small nose, laughing: “You little Chanmao, early in the morning to eat mango.”
  ”In fact北京夜网, Han Han want to eat mango ice cream, but my mother can not eat ice cream Han Han, Han Han that can only eat mango Well.”

  Hit of the moment impulse forced her back, almost fell to the ground, but fortunately a large waist cross to hold the hand of her body backwards.

  Height can be between two people is in great gap.
  Young man Lanzhu girls waist, while Shoulong to their chest.
  For girls, it becomes a short mention was clutch the waist up.
  Only the toes touch the ground.
  Upper and lower body pillars imprison all rely on the waist with her arms Flanagan.
  Marshal today sabbatical at home, not in military uniform, and pull pull the same style of mopping large white cloak, beneath the neckline is two short chain carved gold buckle.
  Imitation originally Huo surface such as Guan Yu, just left the study, the tall thin black was a pair of glasses nose.
  As a man who lifted a Junshuai serious coercion, just look at this face Huo Marshal, Sven handsome like a Sinology everyone.
  Mopping white cloak is the Marshal set off surface such as Guan Yu, as this snow-like cold elegance.
  Look just like a show of aristocratic families Wenrun Jun appearance with his son and clutch a very commensurate girl.
  Huo Marshal was too rushed pull pull the upper body slightly bent, bottom-up look at her gowns hanging along the shoulder harness pull overshadowed.
  Strong white cloak to conceal a large red cloak, as Marshal body completely enveloped pull pull body.
  Too close, Marshal breath spray pull pull the hair.
  From the people’s point of view, it is completely pull pull Miss Marshal his arms up.
  No one da北京夜网red to speak the garden.
  That arms with soft fluffy little body, in a ray of an inch, as Rui brain consumer banking beast in general, hook spiral wrapped around a faint scent.
  When the early light, then do not loose, to speak even more intense, even more entangled with the tip of his nose.
  As fairy tease the innocent scholar, tulle concealed, her ears still surrounded by laughter, was fleeting.
  Obviously when cold, the handsome man has felt the keen edge of the fire that day Pomiao.

  Fang Xiulan help fasten the rain finally a button, lovingly touched his face in the rain, “rain, we have become a big girl, Barbara is pretty outrageous!”

  Nguyen rain a bright red mouth, she Jiao Chen, “my mother long good-looking, or where your daughter is so beautiful it!”
  ”Do not be shy!”Fang Xiulan, raising his hand and squeezed their own daughter’s face, she felt it feel even better than peeling the egg shell is even a bit tender, thought of this, and my heart more and more conceited.
  Nguyen rain stamped her foot, look to the side of the bag to pack office Ruanguo Hua, Jiao Chen asked: “Dad, you said not long good-looking mom?”
  Ruan Guohua hesitated, he looked up into the head just looked at Fang Xiulan gentle softly to him, he always knew Shirley students look good, just the two of them had at one time, he is on the look Xiulan white oval face, dark braids, speak up, shy look, a pair of eye are suffused with youthful.
  Sau Lan Mingming is the mother of three children, and his face was still rosy white, slim figure, gentle outrageous gestures, his throat a roll, a hot heart, “good-looking!”
  Nguyen rain Kaka Lo laugh, “Mom, do you think I did not lie to your right!”After the family dew moisture, plus she nursed intentionally or unintentionally, Fang Xiulan a lot of the people are young and old, not to mention her actual age of several of the thirty, if that letter was also Ershiqiba.
  Fang Xiulan students already look good, the most striking is her temperament, the kind of bones reveals a tender, plus a happy life, her face filled with a smile, more people shift is not open eyes.
  Amid the self-sufficient children sometimes have to be that way to a stunning home mom to go, let alone, Ruan Guohua this old man in his early forties, it can be said on the outside, Ruan Guohua is serious, careful, but in front of Fang Xiulan, that when really hundred-beaten steel into a pliant.
  The jokes were their own daughter, Fang Xiulan old blushed, rebuke, “What nonsense, then do not go out, it may be too late!”
  This is their new house from rain, although their three children near the school, but from two Ruanguo Hua Fang Xiulan and work places not nearly blanket, Fang Xiulan Fortunately, tailor shops son in the middle of that position, but it is in most other end Ruan Guohua the old city, the bustling old town, and only in that position, it was affordable.
  School is not the same child and tailor shops, tailor shops eat rice acquaintances, we are introduced to rely on word of mouth, and the school is relatively biased position.
  Fang Xiulan say, Nguyen rain a shot forehead, “Mom and Dad, do not say ah!Cheng Ying and I made an appointment to meet at the school gate it!”
  Cheng Ying is the rain, when Nguyen had to go to school, participate in a test of the girl.
  The main branch of the way home in the capital, her dad is down on Sui Linxian, a whole family was born generals, Cheng Ying personality is so careless, of course, also waving a fist tiger.
  Nguyen Duzhe rain at that time was to go, Ruan Zhiwen Ruanzhi Wu and study up on both, naturally no one to help her, I was not thinking critical time, turned out to be the way the British came forward, a neat overarm throw, put it self-righteous male students to drop out, that boys want to Liu Xiu, his uncle at work inside the city, playing small to develop a defiant look.
  Nguyen was originally looking at rain born good-looking, you want to make friends, and who knows, a friend did not turn in, but was the way the British came up over the shoulder throw, people are thrown out of school to go.
  Nguyen rain and with the way the British Precisely because of this, the two feelin杭州夜网gs up by leaps and bounds, Nguyen rain with the way the British appointment, later in the morning to school, go back alley Tian Jiuniang buy a bowl of hot drink, that Tian Jiuniang particularly good for girls, rain and love the sweets, naturally could not resist the.
  She first came to the school gate, they saw the way the British, she waved again and again, “Cheng Ying, I’m here!”
  Cheng Ying eyes lit up with a bum like to carry the bag in the shoulder, he flew over, rain is facing a bear hug, not only that, also hold up to rain, in a circle.
  Nguyen rain Kaka Lo smile, laughter came far away.
  Ruan Zhiwen and Ruanzhi Wu rain followed behind, looking at their own young girl like this, can not help but the amount of help, their own sister and more gentle ah!Cheng Ying was abruptly that girl to go astray, Ruan Zhiwen against the rain, he said, “That sweet stuff, I do not eat, you eat it, my brother and advanced inside the school!”

  So still only the sound of snow falling.

  A gust of wind blowing, bronze bells and loudly.
  This is the most refreshing of silence and noisy.
  Under the chimes, a faint snow fell on the arms of the man’s head girl.
  Snowflakes big, like a girl’s head hairpin Edelweiss.
  Many girls wear, outer tiers to increase red gown.
  Even wear so much, can still see her delicate childish figure.
  Robe corners are dragging on the ground.
  The girl had run while she tugged at the robe, now stood still, the bottom of the white flu广州桑拿网ff floating pellets hit the snow.
  White and white, and no one who dye, silent for integration.
  But black and white, black and white into the embrace, the bones are not left to melt.
  Come face front, Marshal instinct is opened, kicked.
  But when the girl passed between the nose and the unique fragrance, a young man brutally suppressed by virtue of the will of his own instinct.
  Instead, remove the arms to make their presentation open arms, so this naughty little thing flew into his arms.
  Operation between both too fast, he removed the moment she flew to arms, followed by their own hand at his waist fixed.
  They are jointly and severally her cloak in her arms together.
  If she for him to develop a new instinct.
  Even without using arms blocked off, so the impact is severe enough to pull a pull to eat a pot.
  Man’s body hard lik杭州龙凤网e a stone.
  Simply pull pull myself against the wall of a small jelly.

  And they are mostly talking about yearning which these doors, there is that one thousand Xia Valley, has said Ling Jianmen.

  ”I want to worship into Albatron,” the young man Mouguang sparkling authentic.”I have heard that the repair Once upon a time the largest faction.”
  Like him also a few ideas of young girls.
  ”Why do not you go Albatron, sure to cure your disease.”I was not so juvenile mind, straightforward and simple authentic, but also to reach out and patted the shoulder Xiao letter.Xiao letter’d like to avoid, but since the body is too weak, cold invade the bone marrow, move it slightly feel pain.
  Even at the cape, juvenile also felt the chill of the body revealed a strange way: “your body so cold ah.”
  Xiao Min Chun sip a letter, “may be blowing in the wind on board the point, like my body so useless, how could Albatron into it, I do not hold any illusions.”
  Albatron devil to do.
  Teenager really been distracted, to Albatron selection, just magical moment of high spirits and depressed down, “but such were the door to pick disciples requirements must be very high, I do not know if I can go.”
  I do not know who said the sentence, “I have heard of people look better, better qualified Cultivation.”
  I do not know some things are still teenagers, young girls, stumbled also believed, moreover Cultivation indeed they had ever seen all of them are Qiong Xian Zi Yan, for example, just to see who Albatron school female students.
  Soon, the young Xiao letter and talking, and before said Xiao letter is Sicko girl was深圳桑拿网 surrounded by other people, because of the crowd, They looks the most outstanding.
  And like Xiao letter countenance such ‘ordinary’, but also sickly, will naturally be ignored.
  Xiao letter relieved, finally clean up.
  9526 was “the host, you want to worship it into the Cultivation martial?The identity of your qualification is also very good, there should be no Cultivation martial will reject you.”
  After worship into these doors, whether wounded or practice, it will be a lot easier.
  However, “not.”Xiao letter decisively Road.
  Xiao letter deadpan, “You see, Albatron repair Once upon a time in such a big reputation, when you think in the case of the cold kill my birth, which martial art I would be willing to accept.”
  Unless Magic.
  But Xiao letter not think so much, and so on into the repair Once upon circumstances do intend to find out too late.
  Just that a ‘good looking Cultivation qualifications like’ remarks, the gang of young girls is enough to talk about for days, and Xiao letter also be reasonable to obliterate all carry, as the young man, as if heard the name, but Xiao letter did not even intentions demerit.